3 Tips for better Email Marketing from Outlook

By: standss , Jul 16th, 2013

Do you use Outlook to reach out to prospects and customers? Here are 3 email marketing tips that will help you manage your email lists, stay clear of SPAM filter, get better responses and increase conversions.

Tip 1: Creating and Managing Email List in Outlook

If you send marketing emails, newsletters or family greetings to the same group of people, it is a good idea to create an email list.

This saves you a lot of time when sending merge email blast as you are not required to individually type in email addresses… just select the group and Outlook sends a copy of the same email to all contacts.

Read this post to learn how to create email list in Outlook

Tip 2: Write NON-SPAM emails that get opened and read

No one likes to receive SPAM so you really can’t blame the customers if your emails end up in their SPAM folder. Although you might feel you have written a clean legitimate email, you might want to cross check your email for some key spam avoiding points.

Check out this post for tips on writing SPAM-FREE emails and getting it opened and read

Tip 3: Should you use images in Outlook sales and marketing emails?

It is very easy to get carried away when adding images to your special sale or promotion emails, you want to ensure that it catches the reader’s attention… but what if he/she is not able to see it in the first place? All they see is a red X wherever you had put images…

Your creative promotional email could all of a sudden appear as SPAM to the recipient and end up in the deleted items folder… the last thing you would have expected.

Here are some tips on using Images in your sales and marketing emails.

BONUS Tip: 5 Email Marketing Tips from Real Salespeople

Finally for all the salespeople and “accidental salespeople”, here are 5 bonus email marketing tips from Real Salespeople which we learnt about in a recent interview. This tips have worked for them so we thought to share it so you can rip the best results from your sales and marketing campaigns this year.

I hope you find this tips useful

Feel free to share this tips with your friends, families or colleagues if you think it will be useful to them.

Till next time… have a better Outlook

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