3 Types of Email Overwhelm + New Year’s Resolution Pack

By: standss , Jan 11th, 2011

I have had a terrific response from readers to my email last week. Thank you all for your emails. One thing is obvious…

EMAIL IS GETTING IN THE WAY OF REAL WORK for many readers… and many of you want ways of reducing the stress and frustration that email is causing.

We’ve put together several tools that will help but first…

From reader emails and our own experience, there are 3 TYPES of EMAIL OVERWHELM

  1. There are way too many emails (I mean work related emails… spam is easy to eliminate).
  2. It takes too much time responding to emails
  3. It is too difficult keeping emails organized so that they are easy to find for later reference.

And now let me tell you about the…


We have almost 30,000 regular readers of our blog and newsletter and we wanted to do something EXTRA special to start the year…
something that helps you be SUPER PRODUCTIVE immediately.

So we’ve put together 4 tools that will IMMEDIATELY take control of your emails and reduce overwhelm in all 3 areas identified above.

We’ve called this our NEW YEARS RESOLUTION OUTLOOK PACK. Check it out now as it represents over $102 worth of savings to you.

For the rest of the year… take control of your emails and have a Better Outlook.

Best Regards,
Sanjay Singh

PS: You can save more than 50% on the NEW YEARS RESOLUTION OUTLOOK PACK for the next few days only!

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