5 Email Marketing Tips from Real Salespeople

By: standss , Mar 7th, 2013

Email Marketing is the process of sending emails with the aim of building a relationship with your customers and prospects… so that you can maximize your revenue over the long term.

You must make contact with your customer often enough so that you are the first name (or at least one of the very few names) that they think of when they need something you can provide.

There are other ways (aside from email) of maintaining regular contact but email is probably the most COST EFFECTIVE.

Email can play a crucial role in the success of small businesses with a proven ROI of $43 for every dollar invested (Direct Marketing Association, 2009)

Why should you bother with Email Marketing?

  1. Out of Sight-Out of Mind: Your customers have lots of things competing for time and attention. If you don’t frequently remind them that you’re still around and what you can do for them, chances are they will forget.
  2. Don’t waste the money you spent getting the customer or lead in the first place: This is something most of us Accidental Salespeople don’t realise… We’ve already spent a lot of time (money) getting the prospect or customer in the first place. They’ve already told us they want to do business with us… yet we’ve started spending even more money looking for someone new?
  3. Is your competitor already email marketing to your customers? Who will your customer think of first… you or your competitor?

5 Email Marketing Tips from Real Salespeople

This 5 tips from Real Salespeople was a result of a recent interview we completed. This tips have worked for them so we thought to share it with our readers.

Tip #1: Send a SEPARATE EMAIL TO EACH PERSON, personalised with personal data if appropriate.
Make sure that each person gets a separate email with only their own name in the To field. You can further personalize the content of the email with the person’s name and any other data you want if it adds to the value of your message.

TIP #2: Email your list with RELEVANT (and hopefully INTERESTING) information

The information you send to customers must be relevant to them… otherwise you will quickly find yourself banished from their Inbox to their Junk Emails folder.

TIP #3: Email your list at the appropriate interval.

What is the appropriate interval between emails? Not so long that they have a hard time remembering who you are… and not so frequently that they lose interest in what you’re writing.

TIP #4: Segment Your Customers and Prospects (or you could end up losing sales)

Not everyone in your list of customers and prospects are interested in everything you sell. Try and group them into different segments… and then send different emails based on the needs of each group.

TIP #5: KNOW why you are writing the email. What is in it for the reader? What is in it for you… what do you want the reader to do?

If you want your customers or prospects to do something then ask them to do it… they can’t read your mind! (You’d be surprised what a difference in conversion rates this simple tip will make)

A common misconception we found salespeople had was email marketing is expensive (requires expensive online emailing tools with subscriptions) and time consuming (learning new system and using it)

If you are looking for a cost effective, simple, easy to use email marketing tool that works directly from Outlook, you can try our EmailMerge for Outlook addin.

With EmailMerge you can send unlimited emails to unlimited contacts at a one-time purchase of US $69.95.

There is no monthly/yearly subscription fee and no learning required.

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