Auto-Highlight Your Comments in Outlook Emails

By: standss , Jun 21st, 2010

People often email me several questions in the same email. My answer is normally… Please see comments below… and then I write comments inside the “original message” that is part of the email.

I have setup Outlook to automatically insert my name to identify MY comments to the reader. Here’s how you can do the same.

Go to your Inbox.
In Outlook 2007 or earlier, click Tools-Options.  (Outlook 2010 instructions later)
Select the Preferences tab.
Click the Email Options button to display the following screen.

Tick the “Mark my comments with” checkbox.
Click Ok
Click OK.

In Outlook 2010, click File-Options

Select the Mail tab and down to the Replies and Forward Section.

Tick the “Preface comment with” box and write your name in the space provided.
Click OK.

The next time you comment on an email, your comments will stand out.

5 Replies to “Auto-Highlight Your Comments in Outlook Emails”

  1. I use Outlook 2007. The bottom line and checkbox are grayed out. What is the reason? What should I do?

  2. Thanks for the useful tip.
    Could I setup Outlook to track addition/deletion similar to that done in a Word document. Thank you.

  3. We would be happy to have you reference our Blog but please ensure not to copy the exact content and please do refer back to our blog for use of content.
    Thank you.

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