How to Automatically Organize Emails to Folders in Outlook?

By: Standss Contributor , Aug 30th, 2022

Do you love spending time in your inbox?

I guess no. And if you are spending too much time in your inbox you are definitely killing your productivity.

The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) states, that an average worker spends 28% of their workday reading and answering emails.

According to research conducted by Adobe on email habits, nearly 50 percent of people prefer email as their main tool for communication with colleagues. Americans are spending over five hours (321 minutes) checking email each weekday.

These statistics surely reveal that a lot of working professionals are over-occupied with email, and they need a better system to manage their busy inboxes.

When you receive and send a lot of emails, your Outlook mailbox becomes cluttered, and it can be hard to navigate through a sea of emails.

In this post, we will show you how you can automatically organize your emails to folders in Outlook.

Download QuickFile for Outlook and efficiently organize your email messages into the right folder and give your email account the structure it needs.

Manage Emails by creating Rules

By creating rules in Outlook, you will be able to put incoming emails from a particular sender into a specific folder.

By creating a mail handling rule, you don’t have to manually drag and drop each email into a specific folder.  

Select an email that meets the desired criteria. Right click and select Rules> Create Rules.

A dialog box will open. You can create rules based on who had sent the message, words that appear in the subject line or just click on Advanced options to select a variety of options.

When you are done creating your rule, click on OK.

To use this rule immediately, select Run this new rule now on messages already in the current folder checkbox, and then select OK.

Now the message will appear in the folder you moved your email to. All you have to do now is check the folders where you moved your emails to.

Some Tips to Manage your Inbox

Only keep Emails that require Urgent Action from You

Not all emails are important.

Everyone wants to open their inbox and immediately focus on urgent emails that require your attention.

It’s difficult to focus properly when you have an inbox that is flooded with unanswered emails.

Create rules in Outlook to automatically filter important emails for you, unsubscribe from any emails you don’t want to receive and block spam emails.

Avoid Over checking your Inbox

Over-checking your email wastes a lot of time. Only, 11% of people expect a response from you in 15 minutes and 19% in about an hour. 43% of people expect a response from you in one day.

Turn off your email notifications and schedule a time when you can go through and process all your emails rather than over checking every 10-20 minutes.

Create a “Waiting Folder” for pending Emails

You need a waiting folder for emails that require action from someone else before you can respond.

This is a great way to remind yourself of pending projects.

Use your Calendar to track emails that need a follow-up

You can easily create reminder alerts by flagging messages for follow-up. Refer to these instructions to learn how you can flag messages for follow-up in Outlook.  

How to File your Emails in Outlook?

Do you send and receive many emails every day?

For those people who deal with a large number of emails and want to discover a way to make them more manageable, QuickFile for Outlook is an add-in that can move/copy emails to folders in Outlook with just one click and keep them neat and organized.

QuickFile lets you organize your Microsoft Outlook emails seamlessly, allowing you to file them into Projects and Client Folders without disturbing your work.

It’s an accessible add-in that will integrate easily with Microsoft Outlook’s ribbon menu.

One of its snazziest features is the Send&File button it adds to the message window. Click this button and QuickFile will let you select a destination file for your email once it has been sent. No longer will you have to sort through a Sent Items folder containing thousands of unsorted messages.

QuickFile also allows you to search for emails with ease, quickly file your email one at a time, or use the batch filing option. It also supports automatically filing emails once you send them, which boosts your productivity even further.

All the emails which are currently located in your email account will be available for filing, both individually, or collectively, thanks to the batch processing capabilities.

Try it today!

Protect yourself from the risk of poor email management and get QuickFile for Outlook.

For busy professionals like lawyers, accountants, customer service representatives and doctors who need an easy-to-use solution that can organize their email messages in Outlook, QuickFile is the right choice.

To try QuickFile free for 30 Days, just click the image banner below.


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