Why SendGuard is a critical tool for your Business Email Security

By: Standss Contributor , Mar 28th, 2023

Many businesses today use email to communicate confidential information.

This confidential information has a high chance of landing in the wrong recipient’s inbox should your employee make a silly mistake.

In a fast-paced workplace, it is easy to mistype an email address or copy in the wrong person by mistake.

Use SendGuard for Outlook to solve the problem of misdirected emails and enhance your business email security. SendGuard scans outgoing emails for potentially sensitive information and gets the user to confirm recipients and attachments.

Outbound emails are often overlooked. IT leaders think that no security is needed for them.

However, that’s not the case.

Why you need SendGuard?

According to a report by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office data emailed to the wrong recipient is one of the leading data breaches reported.

Inadvertent human error can lead your employees to send sensitive emails or files to unintended recipients.

SendGuard stops accidental data loss from misaddressed emails or incorrectly attached files before they happen.  

SendGuard prompts the user to confirm recipients and attachments in outgoing emails:

SendConfirm prompts the user to confirm recipients and attachments

Scan for Sensitive Data

In certain sectors like health, finance, legal, education, government and retail, data privacy and protection is important and communication of sensitive information via email is governed by industry-specific regulations.

Business emails often contain sensitive and confidential information such as financial data, trade secrets, personal information, and confidential business plans. If such information falls into the wrong hands, it can lead to severe financial and reputational damages.

Compliance failure can result in hefty fines, legal issues, and damage to the company’s reputation.

In SendGuard you can build DLP rules to scan the email content and attachments for sensitive data like personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI) and financial data.

Scan email content and attachment for confidential information

Create your own rules for specific security checks

Another robust feature of SendGuard is SendRules which allows you to specify your own rules that will be run on outgoing emails using IF/THEN logic. You can specify your own checks and actions to perform on the emails.

Some common uses of SendRules is:

  • Prompt for confirmation if the email contains sensitive information such as credit card number
  • Prompt to BCC emails to the CRM system
  • Do not send an email if it contains domains that should not be contacted at all
Build your own rules to define which data is sensitive.

The Custom Script component of SendRules allows you to develop rules to detect data classified as sensitive in your organization. We can create custom scripts for you based on your business needs.

A lot of corporate customers find the ReplyGuard feature useful which allows the application to politely remind the user to call the person or chat via Teams instead of replying to a message X (represents a number which you can configure) number of times.

ReplyGuard component of SendGuard

Other Enterprise features of SendGuard

Encrypt Outgoing Emails- In the SendConfirm prompt (first screenshot) you can mark your emails for encryption. If the user ticks the checkbox, then the email is modified so that the server carries out the encryption before the email is sent out. This feature is designed to work with any existing encryption software that you currently have.

Corporate Branding and Link to Policies- Promote the importance of security by displaying your corporate logo and email /security policies.

Logging – User actions can be logged in a Windows Event Log or a text file to reduce organizational liability. You can use PowerBI to turn logs into useful statistics.

Centrally managed settings- SendGuard can be easily deployed using a customized MSI or you can get ADMX/ADML files that can be deployed directly on your Windows infrastructure. For OWA/MAC users we create a manifest file that contains license information and settings.

With SendGuard you can cover the overlooked side of security- the human layer. SendGuard allows your users to double-check their recipients and attachments. Data breaches by misdirected emails happen all the time but with SendGuard you can put a stop to that.

IT and Compliance Managers can build DLP rules and regular expressions to detect sensitive keywords and data patterns in your email content or file attachments.

Prevent email mistakes from compromising your business and data.

Get in touch with our sales team and learn how SendGuard can enhance your email security at  sales@standss.com

SendGuard for Outlook

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