Categorizing and Finding Emails in your Inbox

By: Standss Contributor , May 11th, 2021


You can make your emails more organized and findable even if don’t like email filing. The secret is categorizing (or tagging your emails)

While we personally recommend archiving emails out of the Inbox, we know that there are many people who choose to leave them in the Inbox.

Outlook has a built-in feature called categories that you can use to organize, group and find emails right there in your Inbox.

You can think of categories as labels or keywords that you add to your emails.

You can tag your emails with as many categories as you want.

You can then use the categories to group or search for emails.

We created EmailTags for Outlook to simplify the use of categories. EmailTags will learn and then recommend the best tags/categories for your emails. This ensures that all related emails are tagged with the same category.

Here are step-by-step instructions for using EmailTags.

Tagging your emails with Categories

  • Download and install the EmailTags addin by clicking here.
  • Once installed you should see the EmailTags addin on you Outlook Ribbon as shown below:
  • Select your email that you wish to Tag, File or Tag&File
  • Select the Tag it! Or you can use one of the recommended
  • You can either type characters and then select from the list of already existing tags OR create a NEW Tag by typing your new desired tag name.

You can also choose one of the existing tags from the suggestions below:

  • Click on Tag

Finding Emails using Categories/Tags

You also have the ability to find emails by simply just searching for them by their tags. To go about this, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Outlook ribbon
  • Locate your email by either searching via a Tag in the search bar.

Additionally you can also select one of the tags using the Suggestions

Click on the Search button.

You will be then shown a list of emails with that particular Tag.

You can download a functional trial version and try EmailTags for yourself.

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