Color-Code External Domains to Prevent Misdirected Emails

By: Standss Contributor , Sep 5th, 2023

Accurate external email communication is crucial. Color-coded domains can enhance email awareness and reduce errors.

Color-coded domains help you to instantly recognize the email recipient’s domain and can prevent you from sending emails to the incorrect recipient and prevent you from sending the email to the wrong recipient.

In this blogpost, you will learn how to set-up color-coded domains using SendGuard for Outlook.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Get SendGuard

Download and install SendGuard for Outlook. SendGuard is available for a 30-day trial- you do not need to provide us with your credit card information.

Close Outlook before installing SendGuard.

Follow the instructions on your screen to install SendGuard on Outlook. Once the installation process is complete, navigate to Standss Outlook Addins > SendGuard.

Contact us at to request test licenses for multiple users in your organization.

Step 2: Set-up Color-Coding

Type an email and click Send.

The SendConfirm prompt will open up, requiring you to confirm recipients and attachments. You can look at this user guide to learn how to configure the SendConfirm prompt in SendGuard.

By default, external domains are color-coded differently from the internal email addresses in SendGuard.

Different colors are assigned to the external domains randomly by the app. Internal email addresses are color-coded black.

You can also choose to color-code safe domains differently from other domains. Safe domains are color-coded in green.

All other external domains will be in red if the safe domain setting is applied.

You need to edit the registry settings to accomplish this.

Please contact your account manager or reach out to us on and we’d be happy to help you configure safe domain color-coding.

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