Color Code important emails in your Outlook Inbox

By: standss , Nov 20th, 2018

Color Code Email Screenshot

Here’s a quick tip on how to use color coding for important Outlook emails to stand out in your Inbox. It uses the “automatic formatting” feature of Outlook Views so that emails will automatically be colored as they arrive.


Go to your Inbox (or whichever folder you want to apply colouring to).

Click on View Settings on the Outlook Ribbon

View Settings Button in Outlook Ribbon

Click Conditional Formatting.

Conditional Formatting Screenshot

Click Add and enter a name in the box provided.

Conditional Formatting Add Name Screenshot

Click Font and choose how you want the email to appear. You can change the font, size and even the color. Click OK to go back to the previous screen.

Adding Color Screenshot
Click Condition and enter the conditions under which you want the coloring to apply (the Advanced tab has the additional options).

Add to list screenshot

In the examples above, I have my condition for any email that has @standss in the email address. Click Add to List and then OK to go back to the previous screen.

Click OK a few more times until you are back in your Inbox. Your emails should now be highlighted as shown below.

Color Code Email Screenshot

I hope you have found this tip useful.

You can use this simple technique to highlight emails based on your own needs e.g. to highlight emails from your most important clients, from your manager etc.

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