Compact Outlook Data for Speed and Space

By: standss , May 11th, 2011

There could be a lot of unused space inside your Outlook. You may be able to speed up Outlook and also reclaim some precious disk space using this 5 second tip.

In this post, I will focus on two main things:

1. How to Compact your Outlook Data

When you delete e-mails from folders in Outlook, Outlook does not automatically reclaim the space.

If you are using the e-mail filing system that we recommended in our recent posts (Links to which are provided at the end of this post) then you will be frequently moving e-mails from one data file to another. Internally in Outlook, this is like deleting the e-mail from the first file.

I recommend that you compact your Outlook data file periodically… anywhere from once a week to once a month. The steps to compact your data file are:

  • Right Click the top-level folder and select Properties.
  • Click the Advanced Button.
  • Click Compact Now.

If your data file was quite large, then the compacting may take some time. I would recommend that you do it during your lunch or tea (or coffee if that’s your preference) break.

2. How to GUARANTEE that your E-mail Filing System does NOT FAIL!

The Client/Project based E-mail Filing System works. It has worked for years for your physical documents and it will work for your e-mails. But…

Without a little bit of help, you may stop using it within a few weeks (if not days). Even if you don’t, you may start doing batch processing i.e. filing e-mails weekly or monthly. Why?

  • It takes too much effort to drag each and every e-mail out of the
    Inbox and into the correct folder.
  • It’s too easy to forget to go to the Sent Items folder to move
    e-mails out of there into the correct folders. Most people have
    Sent Items folders with thousands of e-mails in them.

We have an inexpensive, easy to use system that we GUARANTEE will  make you file your e-mails AS SOON AS YOU HAVE READ OR WRITTEN THEM!

QuickFile for Outlook is an inexpensive Outlook add-on that works inside Outlook by adding two buttons called QuickFile and Send&File to your Outlook. It doesn’t change Outlook in any other way and it won’t change the way you have always used Outlook.

QuickFile is a fantastic time-saver for anyone who wants to use a client or project based filing system in Outlook.

Please give QuickFile a try. This is the only add-on we know that can guarantee that your e-mails get filed properly.

In the past few weeks I have outlined some simple tips that can greatly improve the security and effectiveness of your business-critical e-mail filing system. I hope that you have found this information useful. Here are the links to the earlier posts again:

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Take Control of Your E-mail Inbox

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