Creating marketing and sales emails that get superior responses (all from Outlook)

By: standss , Jul 28th, 2011

Do you use Outlook to create and send out marketing or sales emails? Like you, your customers probably have too many emails in their Inbox. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention so…

Here are some simple but essential tips on formatting your emails so that they actually get opened and read.

Put your company name in the From line so that they know where the email is coming from

Unless the recipients know your name specifically, make sure that your company name is in the From line. (You can control the From by changing account details in Outlook)

Have a Subject line that grabs their attention… within 50 characters

Your target audience is going to decide whether to read your email now (or later or never) based on what is in the Subject line. Why 50 characters… long Subject lines may not get fully displayed if the user has too much on his screen.

Put text rather than images at the top of your email

If your user is previewing your email, only the first lines get displayed. Put something there which causes him to want to know more. You can highlight your text using colors but don’t use images at the very top.

Put the most important content at the top of the email

Most people now have email clients that lets them view the top part of the email as soon as they click on it (like the Reading Pane in Outlook). Make sure that you have the MOST IMPORTANT information displayed there… or at least have the type of information there that will make him scroll down to read more.

Make sure that your email does not look like bulk email

Use a tool like Email Merge for Outlook to send personalized individually addressed emails to your customers. Studies have shown that your response rates can increase by up to 3 times.

Find out more and download a fully functional version of EmailMerge for Outlook from our website.

Use these simple tips and you should find your sales and marketing emails get better responses

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