Customer Story: How I use Email Notes for Outlook in my business

By: standss , Jun 8th, 2010

Since we are about to release a small update to Email Notes for Outlook, I thought we would share a user’s story of how he uses Email Notes in his business.

I love my clients, but more times than not the e-mail I receive from them just isn’t clear or doesn’t provide a complete picture, and I usually follow up with a phone call in order to fill in the gaps.

I used to keep notes of the phone calls in a notepad on my desk, and never had a good way to keep the follow-up notes in line with the original e-mail.

Thank you, Addins4Outlook for EmailNotes.  Now my follow-up notes stay attached with the e-mail and I can easily forward the message AND notes to my team and colleagues.  You guys rock.

John Mansi
IT Solutions Consulting

Thank you John… I’ am frequently surprised at the different needs that the same application can fill. If you have your own story, please email us at

If you haven’t tried Email Notes for Outlook yet, click here to find out how adding notes to Outlook emails can be as easy as sticking notes to a piece of paper.

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