Delay Guard: Setup Outlook to NOT delay emails to certain people.

By: standss , May 9th, 2018

Delay Guard can keep emails in your Outbox for a preset time before it is actually sent out. This gives you a cooling off period after you have clicked Send in which you can change your mind and Cancel the send.

However, there may be certain emails that you want to send out immediately.  There are two ways to do this.

Delay Guard is one of the email security features of Send Guard for Outlook to protect users from emailing confidential information to the wrong people.

Option 1: Tick Send Now on the Ribbon

Write your email as you normally do so.

Tick the Send Now box on the Ribbon.

send now

Click Send.

The email will be sent immediately i.e. Delay Guard will not keep it in your Outbox.

Option 2: Use the Settings screen whom NOT to delay emails to.

Follow the steps below to define email addresses to which emails should be sent without delaying.

Start Outlook

Go to the “Standss Outlook Addins” Tab

Select More -> Setting to display the Setting screen.

Select the Delay Guard tab.

Click Add as shown in the picture below:

delayguard screen

Add email address/ domain screen will pop up as shown below:

add email or domain screen

Enter the email address/domains (that you don’t want to delay to) and click ok.

Click Apply and then OK to close the Setting screen.

Now any emails that you send to those email addresses will not be delayed. Note this is only true if all recipients on emails are on the Do Not Delay list. If there are other recipients on the email, then the delay will still apply as a safety measure.

Delay Guard is one of several ways SendGuard protects Outlook users from sending emails to wrong people. Click on the button below to learn more about SendGuard and download a fully functional trial version.


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