Displaying Multiple Time Zones in Your Outlook Calendar

By: standss , Nov 10th, 2010

Do you need to arrange a meeting with someone in another time zone? Or maybe you are traveling and need to know the time at home and at your temporary destination.

Here’s a super simple tip to viewing two time-zones in your Outlook Calendar.

Display your Calendar in Outlook (either Day or Week view).

Right-Click over any of the time labels on the left hand corner to display the pop-up menu. (see big red dot in picture)

Click on Change Time Zone to display the Time Zone settings screen.

Tick the “Show a second time zone” checkbox and enter the rest of the settings.
Click OK .

Your Calendar will now be displayed with both time zones.

You can choose to leave both time zones displayed or turn one off once you’re done by following the steps above (by clearing the tick next to “Show a second time zone”).

4 Replies to “Displaying Multiple Time Zones in Your Outlook Calendar”

  1. We would like to say thank you for this clarifying write-up. One can’t envision how long it took me to locate your webpage and this practical info. You can depend on me, as on your periodic web-site visitant, and i of course bookmarked your website. Looking forward to come across more columns like this particular on your site. Have a very good day.

  2. I had this problem, about the wrong times showing on the outlook 2010 for appointments, after switching to windows 8. Turned out to be the my TIME ZONE was set to the wrong one in the CHANGE PC SETTINGS (found at the bottom of the SETTINGS option, found in the RIGHT CORNER(upper or lower) CHARMS menu you can get on your START PAGE.)
    I just thought that you might add this possibility to your other suggestions on this question. That time thing can be a real pain to any person’s life, and needs to be fixed ASAP.

  3. Thanks again for this; I live a commuting lifestyle between two time zones and daily deal with people in four others and it does get confusing!

    Is there any way to have the APPOINTMENT-making function in Outlook’s Calendar ALWAYS turn on the Time Zone option, or to get it to show the meeting time in more than one time zone? So if I’m thinking of booking it at 3pm Buenos Aires time, which I’ll be in next week, then my computer automagically displays the currently-set time zone, AND the second one of my choice (which might be US Pacific)… It seems dumb to have to go click the “time zones” option every time I’m trying to schedule something.


  4. Can someone help me with this problem? If someone in NYC (EST) sends me an appointment in CA (PST) for a teleconference, how is it adjusted? If it is adjusted?

    Then, if someone in NYC sends me an appointment in CA for an appointment in NYC as I will be travelling there. Will the times adjust to local time? I’m confused.


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