Download 2019 Rugby World Cup Fixtures inside Outlook (Computer)

By: standss , Sep 10th, 2019


Rugby is BIG in my part of the world and the world cup is almost here (first game kicks off in Japan on 20th September). Here is what you need to download all game times inside your Outlook Calendar so you don’t miss a game.

The following instructions are for downloading the Rugby World Cup games to your desktop Outlook.

We also have instructions to Download 2019 Rugby World Cup to Outlook on Your Mobile Phone (my personal preference is to download it to my phone)


Step 1: Ensure that your computer is set to the correct time-zone

The downloadable calendar is clever and will display the game in your local time zone but… you must have the correct time-zone selected on your computer.

Move your mouse over the date and time on the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen,

PC Time

Right-click and then click Adjust date-time.

Ensure that the correct Time Zone is selected in the drop-down field and then close the screen.

Step 2: Download Match Fixtures from the official Rugby World Cup Site

Go to the matches page on the Rugby World Cup site.

Click Add to Calendar (displayed on the right above the first game).  A pop-up screen will be displayed.

 Click the Add To Calendar button.

Click All Teams (or select your team from the list if you only want to watch your team’s games).

Scroll down and click Next.

Click Outlook when asked to select your calendar. A pop up screen may be displayed requesting your permission. Click Open Outlook.

A confirmation screen will be displayed. Click Yes to add the fixtures in a new calendar inside Outlook (or click Advanced if you want to change options).

That’s it. Enjoy the world cup and may the best team win. I am hoping that the All Black can make it 3 in a row. It would also be great if Fiji made it to the semis.





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