Download 2019 Rugby World Cup Fixtures to Outlook on Your Phone

By: standss , Sep 10th, 2019


The Rugby World Cup only comes around once every 4 years and fans don’t want to miss a game. Here’s what you can do to download all game fixtures to Outlook on your mobile phone.

If you’re not using Outlook on your phone, you can also download the rugby world cup fixtures to Outlook on your computer.

Note: The instructions in this post are for the iPhone iOS version of Outlook. I assume that the Android version works in a similar way.

To download the game schedule to Outlook on your iPhone:

Open the Outlook app.

Click on the image on the top left hand corner (most probably your picture or a place holder for it)

Click the Calendar icon in the top left hand corner.

Click Interesting Calendar.

Click Sport and then click Rugby.

Scroll down and click Rugby World Cup.

Now click on the + sign for all the teams that you are interested in (I simply clicked the top option All Teams).

Now click back to Outlook and you’re good to go.

May the best team win.

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