Easy Screenshots in Word 2010 for Blog Posts, Help Manuals, Technical Support etc.

By: standss , Jun 17th, 2010

Last week’s post discussed how easy Outlook 2010 makes it to email screenshots to other people. This feature has also been implemented in Word 2010. I now use it to prepare my blog posts and thought it was worth sharing with you even though it is not an Outlook tip.


The steps are almost identical to what they are in Outlook but I will repeat them here.

Click on the position in your Word document where you want the image.

Click Insert and then Screenshot on the ribbon (Screen shot is one of your choices in the illustrations group… it may be displayed simply as an icon depending on the size of your email window).

Word will display a list of Windows that you can pick from or you can click on Screen Clipping (at the bottom of the list) to copy any part of the screen.

The screenshot will be inserted automatically into the document that you are working on.


Pretty much anything that requires you to take screen shots and also write your own comments. You can use it to:

  1. Write blog posts
  2. Write help manuals or instructions to teach someone else how to do something with software.
  3. Provide feedback to someone when testing their software (we did a lot of this last week while testing the new version of EmailNotes)
  4. Providing details of error messages etc to a technical support team of software that you are having problems with.

One Reply to “Easy Screenshots in Word 2010 for Blog Posts, Help Manuals, Technical Support etc.”

  1. My experience is that MS Word and in my case WordPress.org do not like each other.

    Despite WordPress has a function to import text from MS Word, its structure is often corrupted.

    So despite I do write my posts in MS Word, then I copy them to Notepad (to be sure no formatting is there) and then use WISWYG editor to format the text.

    Then I am sure that it will look as I want and need, not talking about pictures.

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