How to email links to files or folders on your network

By: standss , Jul 21st, 2010

Earlier today I had to email one of my team members a link to a file that I had put on a network drive.  Here’s a way to email CLICKABLE links to files and folder (even if the name or path has spaces in it).

We often share files with other users in our company by putting them in shared folders either on our computer or on the server. We then email the relevant people with a link to the file e.g.

I have put the latest copy of the software on the server at the following location:


If the file name and path have no spaces in it then you end up with a link that the recipient can click on to open the file.

The problem is that since Windows allows spaces in file names, many (most) folder names and file names now contain spaces. If your path/folder name has spaces in it, then the link in not correct e.g. in the same example link above if there was a space in the word SoftwarePrograms:

\\Server\Software Programs\filename.exe

Here’s an easy trick to get around it. Start your link with a “<” and finish with a “>” i.e if you type

<\\Server\Software Programs\filename.exe>

Outlook will change it to:

\\Server\Software Programs\filename.exe

2 Replies to “How to email links to files or folders on your network”

  1. EXCELLENT tip on using “” for hyperlinks in email messages, Sanjay

    (By the way: I was providing this response on Twitter but, it was over capacity at the time)

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