Email Merge for Outlook… More Features=More Testing (Sorry)

By: standss , Aug 13th, 2010

If you weren’t waiting to download the new version of Email Merge for Outlook, you can delete this email and get back to work.

Otherwise… we’ve got a quick APOLOGY to make.

We won’t be able to release EmailMerge on the 13th as we had planned.

Our recent survey of EmailMerge customers came up with same GREAT NEW IDEAS that we had missed… a few that we wanted to implement before the official release.

GOOD NEWS… we’ve finished programming the additional features in and they work great… we are really glad we asked you for your input.

BUT… we need the weekend to retest everything!

So… we’ll be releasing the brand new version of Email Merge NEXT week instead of today.

Apologies again for those who have been waiting.

Sanjay Singh

PS: We’re also testing all the professional designed templates that will come with Email Merge 3… in all the main email clients…  to ensure that they display properly to your customers when you start using them NEXT WEEK!

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