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By: standss , Oct 13th, 2017

Here’s a quick tip that allows you to email merge out from Outlook and still track the email in your favourite CRM system.

Thousands of users are already using Email Merge to send out emails from Outlook to get around limitations in their CRM systems (Hubspot, Saleforce etc).

What you may not know is that, even if the emails are sent out from Outlook, you can still record them in your CRM system i.e. copies of the email will be created inside your CRM and linked to the correct contacts.

It’s easy thanks to the BCC field.

Most CRM system assign you your own email address. This is an email address specially assigned to your account in the CRM system.

In order to capture an email in the CRM system, you simply need to BCC the email to that address.

You can use this for any email that you create and send out from Outlook. Simply add the email address assigned by your CRM to the BCC field.

Once the email is sent:

1. It will automatically be received and recorded in the CRM system thanks to the BCCed address.
2. Real recipients will not be affected in anyway, since the BCC address will not show up in the copies that they receive.

How to use this in Email Merge for Outlook

If you are using Email Merge for Outlook to send sales, marketing or support emails to your clients, here are the steps to use this feature so that each email is properly link to the appropriate account or contact in your CRM.

Start the EmailMerge exactly the same as you always have.

In the step where you create the email, enter the email address into the BCC field.

EMM for Outlook

Now continue with the Email Merge Wizard to send out your email. Email Merge will send a personalized copy of the email to each person and thanks to the BCC field, the email will also be recorded next to the correct contact in your CRM.

If you haven’t tried Email Merge for Outlook yet, you can download a 30 Day trial version from here.


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