Email Note Auto-Linking: Same Note on Emails which are part of the same Conversation/Project

By: standss , Jul 12th, 2012

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In this post we show you how a new feature of Email Notes for Outlook turns your Outlook into a mini-project management, CRM/Sales or Customer management tool.

Email Notes for Outlook version 2 (by default) displays the SAME note on ALL emails that are part of a conversation or project (the artificial intelligence built into Email Notes will automatically link the note to related emails it finds).

Why are users finding this feature useful?

It means that you can SEE all the relevant information for a conversation or topic irrespective of which email you are looking at (in previous versions of Email Notes, you would have to find a specific email to see notes).

How can you use this?

This is easiest to illustrate with the following scenarios…

Customer Support: You receive an email requesting for support. You reply to the email requesting for more information. You also use Email Notes to add a reminder to yourself about possible solutions. Your customer replies two days later… as soon as you click on the customer’s email, your notes magically appear beside the email.

email note screen

Sales: You receive an email from a prospect requesting for a quote. You respond to the email with the information requested. You do some research on the prospect and note down details directly beside the email… including a link to their website. The next day, the prospect calls you… while on the phone, you quickly find an email from the client… and you see not only the email but all your research notes.

Its ability to keep all your information in one place (your notes) and make it available to you inside of Outlook… right next to the email you are working on! is possible because of the Artificial Intelligence built-in to Email Notes…

How this works?

In most cases, Email Notes will automatically find existing notes for emails. In the event that there is more than one note that may be relevant, Email Notes will prompt you to link to the correct note.

Feedback from users on this new feature has been very encouraging as they’re finding that it eliminates the need for “you to find your notes” instead “the notes find you” and show up where they are needed… right beside your email.

If you still haven’t tried the new Email Notes, you can download a fully functional 30 day trial from our website.

For existing users of the older version of EmailNotes, you can learn more about whats new in EmailNotes version 2 by going to our website.

Let us know what you think about the new Email Notes by leaving a comment below.

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One Reply to “Email Note Auto-Linking: Same Note on Emails which are part of the same Conversation/Project”

  1. Email Note Autolinking
    It appears that this feature links emails with the same “Subject” irrespective of content e.g. I receive regular enquiries from the website that advertises our villas for renting. The “Subject” is always the same but the enquiry will be for a different enquiry every time (for “enquiry” read “project”) It is a real nuisance to have this prompt pop up with totally unrelated content i.e. notes relating to different “projects”.

    Please can you let me know it there is any way round the problem?

    Thank you
    Eamonn Cox

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