Email Notes Addin: A unique note on each email

By: standss , Jul 19th, 2012

Last week we showed you how Email Notes allows you to add the same note to different emails related to the same conversation/project.

A few readers wrote back asking if it was possible to add a separate note to each email. Yes you can.

Say for example you received a request for a quotation from a prospect. You send an email and make some notes for your future reference like a list of your next action or to-do list.

When the prospect responds and you select the email in your Inbox, you will automatically get a prompt to link the existing note to this email (as shown below).

Users love this feature as it means that your notes magically appear instead of you having to go look for them but… there may be situations where you do not want to add the existing note to the email.

 Email Note: Auto-link Prompt

  • If you want to attach the same note, click YES
    Note: After you link an existing note, you can continue to add more information to it which will automatically save and show up in future emails
  • If you want to add a completely different set of information, click NO

The existing note will NOT be attached to your email. Instead you will see a blank note next to your email where you can type anything you want…

Tip: In future if you wish to easily find all the different notes and emails related to a conversation/project, you can TAG your notes by entering keywords like the Project Name, Customer/Prospect Name etc. This will group all the notes and emails together and show up on one screen… (More on this in a future post).

If you still haven’t tried the new Email Notes addin, you can download a fully functional 30 day trial of Email Notes from our website.

For existing users of the older version of Email Notes, you can learn more about whats new in EmailNotes version 2 by going to our website.

Let us know what you think about the new Email Notes by leaving a comment below.

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