Email Notes for Outlook and the Two Minute Rule (GTD etc)

By: standss , May 17th, 2010

Many productivity systems such as Getting Things Done and MPS Take Back Your Life for Outlook have a two minute rule which basically says “Do the email now if it is going to take less than two minutes”.

Personally I have found it difficult to stick to the two minute rule. I look at an email… have some immediate thoughts on it and often start action on it even though I know it will take more than two minutes.

Why? FEAR OF WASTED TIME. I don’t want to lose my initial ideas or have to rethink them. I could make notes in Word or my physical paper notebook but then I have to remember where to look them up later.

Since I have started using Email Notes for Outlook, I have found it easier to stick to the two minute rule. Here’s what I do.

As I am reading the email, I simply click on the Add Note button that Email Notes added to Outlook. A notes screen pops up to which I add my thoughts.

I can then move on to the next email safely aware that my notes will be easy to retrieve and use when I give my full attention to the email later.

Do you have your own story about how you use Email Notes. Please let us know by emailing us at

One Reply to “Email Notes for Outlook and the Two Minute Rule (GTD etc)”

  1. I too like Email Notes for Outlook, but the tiny type makes it hard.

    I e-mailed them, and when they get it so that I can enlarge the type, I’m on the bus as well!

    Chuck Billow

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