Email Overwhelm: Keeping all your ideas together with the email until you are ready to respond

By: standss , Jan 12th, 2011

How much time do we WASTE looking at an email and rethinking the same thoughts again? How many ideas are lost by the time you get around to responding to an email? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make notes on your emails… ready for you to use later?

Ideally you should only have to read an email once and then respond to it. In the real world this is not possible.

Like me, you probably open an email, read it… have some thoughts on it (maybe write your notes down on a piece of paper)… decide you need to get more information and then leave it for later.

Then when you are ready to respond… you can no longer remember or find your notes… so it either takes longer to respond to your email… or it doesn’t contain all the information it should have.

Here’s how you can use Email Notes to IMMEDIATELY jot down any thoughts you have while reading an email. The notes get added to the email (just like sticking a note to a piece of paper) for your later reference:

1. Select an email and click Add Notes button on the EmailNotes toolbar
2. Type in your notes
3. Click on Save button to save the note contents

EmailNotes is also great if you need to add notes to emails based on phone calls.

Now you can have all the information in one place for when you are ready to respond.

Email Notes for Outlook was basically designed by our 30,000 or so readers and customers… we have made writing notes on emails AS EASY AS STICKING NOTES TO A PIECE OF PAPER!

• One click to add and link notes to emails
• One click to view and edit notes linked to an email
• Forward, Reply and Print your emails with or without notes
• … and much more

If you’re not using Email Notes for Outlook yet… you owe it to yourself to try it out. There is a fully functional 30-day trial on our website

Learn More and Download EmailNotes

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