Email Overwhelm: Better Responses in Less Time

By: standss , Jan 11th, 2011

In an earlier post, we identified 3 Types of Email Overwhelm. In this post I would like to talk about how you can reduce email stress by significantly reducing the time taken to reply to emails… and still write better quality emails.

This one tool reduced the time spent by our customer support department on emails by 65%!

We did some research with our readers and found out that:

  1. We don’t have that many different emails to write
    Our analysis revealed that although we have a lot of emails to write, we don’t actually have that many DIFFERENT emails to write. Many of our emails are very similar to other emails that we have written in the past.
  2. We are WASTING a lot of time rewriting the same emails over and over and over again.
    We can save a LOT of time if we identify the common emails that we need to write and spend time writing them correctly once … maybe even get expert help to write the more important emails once for you. Then reuse the wording each time you need to write a similar email.
  3. Rewriting the same email over and over again generally results in LOWER quality correspondence
    You’re not getting better at it just because you’re doing it over and over again. After a while writing the same email gets boring so we rush through the process … plus the quality of your email is dependent on your mood each time you write it.

In summary,

We often feel overwhelmed by email because we are WASTING our precious time and energy REWRITING the same emails over and over again.

… and A SIMPLE Solution

Template your most common emails. Implement and use a system that lets you write emails once and then reuse them as often as you need to.

A simple change like creating and using templates for your replies could result in better quality correspondence… that takes LESS time to write. The end result is better communications, happier customers and more time for you to work on something more fulfilling.

Which brings us to… Insert Text for Outlook.

The biggest problem with InsertText is its name… InsertText does much more than just insert text into your emails.

It is a complete email template solution for Microsoft Outlook. You can use Insert Text to:

  • Create and use email templates in Microsoft Outlook
  • Templates can be used to Create new emails as well as Reply, Reply-to-All and Forward
  • Templates can have plain text, formatted text (HTML), To, CC, BCC fields and more (this is a addin specially designed for emails)
  • Easy to user interface lets you search, find and use templates easily.

If you’re not using InsertText yet… you owe it to yourself to try it out. There is a fully functional 30-day trial on our website.

Learn More and Download InsertText

Also remember to check out the NEW YEARS RESOLUTION OUTLOOK PACK. We have bundled InsertText with 3 other Outlook Email Overwhelm boosters. You can save more than 50% for the next few days.

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