Email Overwhelm: Stop making mistakes that cause you grief (or waste your time)

By: standss , Jan 12th, 2011

The fourth tool in the NEW YEARS RESOLUTION OUTLOOK PACK reduces email overwhelm by reducing mistakes in emails that you send out.

SendGuard for Outlook has a collection of extremely useful tools that ensure your outgoing emails are COMPLETE (with no missing information) and are being sent to the CORRECT (and only the correct) people.

This will ensure that:

1. You don’t waste time having to resend emails (this wastes your time as well as causes a delay in getting items completed)
2. You get a faster response to your emails
3. You don’t annoy important people with either unnecessary or incomplete emails

If you are running a business, particularly a professional business, these seemingly small errors can make you look unprofessional and waste precious billable time.

Please raise your hand if you ever:

• Forgot to attach a document to an email message (which delays matters or could even result in missed deadlines)
• Clicked Reply when you meant Reply-All (and thereby forgot to keep everyone in the loop)
• Clicked Reply-All when you meant Reply (and accidentally disclosed confidential information to the wrong people
• Forgot to write a subject or sent an email with an old subject line (the correct subject on an email generally gets a much better response)
• Fired off an angry message that you later regretted.
• Emailed someone using the wrong email address (for those of us with more than one email address).

SendGuard4Outlook protects you from all these mistakes by automatically warning you if it detects the possibility of any of the above mistakes (and more).

SendGuard even gives you a way of changing your mind about an email after you have clicked Send.

SendGuard works inside Outlook and takes no time to learn – you continue to write and send your emails the same way you always have. SendGuard will automatically warn you and let you take corrective action if it detects a mistake.

You can download a fully functional 30 Day Trial of SendGuard from:

Also remember to check out the NEW YEARS RESOLUTION OUTLOOK PACK. We have bundled SendGuard for Outlook with 3 other Outlook Email Overwhelm boosters. You can save more than 50% for the next few days.

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