Email Tags for Outlook Version 2 Released!

By: standss , Jul 28th, 2020

EmailTags Screen

You can now organize your emails using tags (labels/categories) instead of folders. We have just released a MAJOR update to Outlook addon Email Tags.

Tagging emails provides a simple alternative to organizing emails in folders. We have done to Outlook with EmailTags what Gmail did with labels.

With EmailTags you can now (inside Outlook):

  1. Tag your emails with keywords, customer names, project/case numbers etc.
  2. Use Search to find your emails when you need them (the tags you added can all be used by Outlook’s built-in search)
  3. Keep your Inbox uncluttered (by tagging and archiving in one step).
  4. Use advanced tag maintenance screens to add, edit, rename tags even after they have been created.
  5. Use other productivity features such as Quick Tasks and Quick Appointments.

You can download a functional trial version and try EmailTags for yourself.


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