Email Tags Update: Better Search and Undo (plus bug fixes)

By: standss , Jul 26th, 2013

This update has a number of MAJOR new features that users have been asking for. The update is free for existing users.

A Better Search

Members of our team agreed with users that the Search screen was not as easy to use as it could be. Although people have started to use tags, many of us still think in folders. The new Search screen recognizes this and provides a much better user experience.


You can still search for a Tag or simply select from the full lit of tags on the Screen. Searches are carried out immediately on selection.

Undo Feature and better buttons on the Ribbon.

This is one that we felt was essential after accidentally tagging emails when we meant to do a Search. We have improved the buttons on the Ribbon so that it is almost impossible to accidentally do a Search when you meant to tag an email.


… plus we have added an Undo button to the Ribbon that will allow you to reverse the last tagging operation that you have done.

Click Here to download the latest version of Emailtags for Outlook

We hope you find that these updates improve your Email Tagging experience. If you have other ideas for updates, please let us know.

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