EmailMerge Tip: How to Easily Create and Manage Email Templates

By: Standss Contributor , Jul 5th, 2021

If you are using (or needs to use) EmailMerge in Outlook to send out your sales and marketing emails, then here is a tip to make your work much easier. You can use templates so that it takes less time to write, format and send out your emails to your prospect or client lists.

Email templates are built into Email Merge for Outlook and make it easy to write and format an email once and use it as many times as you need in the future.

Email templates also help maintain uniformity and brand consistency for standardized emails sent to prospects, customers, and clients. These could include email templates for sales, newsletters, announcements, testimonial requests, event invitations, and more.

This function is located in the EmailMerge Menu under “Use Template Manager” and it simply allows you to create and manage email templates from within Outlook itself, making things more convenient and efficient.

Here are some simple steps on how you can use the EmailMerge template function:

  • Open EmailMerge from the Outlook toolbar/ribbon
  • Click on Start EmailMerge Wizard
  • Click on Use Template Manager

  • Click on Use Template Manager

  • Compose your email using any Outlook function for the email message, just like when you create a regular Outlook email.

  • Insert m-Fields to the email by placing the cursor in the appropriate place, click on the Insert m-Field drop-down of the EmailMerge toolbar/ribbon (if you want to personalize the email)
  • Enter a relevant Subject for the Email (your subject will help you identify this template among others on the Template Manager screen)
  • Click Save Template on the EmailMerge toolbar/ribbon. This template will be added to the list of templates in the Template Manager screen.

You can now use this template whenever you want to while sending out bulk emails in the future through EmailMerge.

If you’re already an EmailMerge user, we hope you found this tip useful. Please leave a comment if you have additional ideas on using or improving email templates in Outlook.

If you haven’t tried EmailMerge for Outlook yet, you can download a 30-Day trial version by clicking on the image below.

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