Do you use Emails and Inbox as a To Do list. Should You? How To.

By: standss , Aug 5th, 2013

You may have noticed that we dedicate a lot of time to getting the most out of Outlook for our (and hopefully your) business – just look at the emails and blog articles we send you.

One area that I personally have been struggling with is using my Inbox as a To Do list. Many of the productivity gurus say that the Inbox is a “collection” point and not an “action” point. I’ve tried what they’ve said… I’ve used the Task List, Calendars, apps on my Iphone…

Their methods seem to work for me for a while… but sooner or later… THEY FAIL!

I find myself back to working using the list of emails in my Inbox!!

I’ve decided not to fight it anymore… I NEED a solution that works from my Inbox.

The problem so far has been with this is that, while I get things done… I DON’T always get the RIGHT things done.

Over the last 6 months, I have researched different techniques. I’ve tried out different things… eliminated ideas that took too much effort or discipline… kept the ideas that worked.

I am pleased to report that I now have a system that works well for me….


I am going to release a small report on this sometime next week.

But before I do, I thought I should get comments from my readers and customers. If I need to, I’ll update my report. So I have two questions for you…

  • What are the problems that you have with using your Outlook Inbox as a to do list?
  • Are there any clever techniques that you use that would be useful to other readers?

I really want to know… so please send your answers to, type in a quick response, and press the Send button.

With so many readers, I can’t guarantee a personal response… but I can guarantee that I will personally read your email.

That’s all for now…

Wishing you a better Outlook.

P.S. I really DO value your feedback. I need to know your answers so I can make this report useful for all readers… what are the problems of using the Inbox as a to do list… and do you have any tips to make things easier. Please reply now.

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