End of Year Budget Still Available? Invest in Email Security for Outlook

By: Standss Contributor , Dec 1st, 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, you may be taking out the time to see which business goals you have achieved and what progress you’ve made so far.

You might be looking at smart ways to spend your remaining budget, especially if they do not roll over to the next year.

To avoid having yourself punished with a lower budget the following year, you should consider using your remaining budget by investing in email security for Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used email clients by businesses around the world. While many organizations invest in security to detect and stop email attacks like phishing, viruses, spam and malware, there isn’t enough attention given to employee errors on emails that can cause major data breaches.

Data loss incidents on email happen more frequently than IT leaders think. And when working with highly sensitive data, your business must take preventative steps to secure it from landing in the wrong hands.

With your unused budget, you can invest in SendGuard for Outlook which is a governance, risk and compliance solution for outbound emails. You can purchase directly from Standss or through the Azure Marketplace and this can contribute towards your cloud spend.

Why Email Security is Important?

The answer is simple. Most of your business communication happens over email. It’s the critical component of your organizational communication which everyone within your company relies upon.

 It’s the people within your organization that can cause a data breach.

A report by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office states accidental emailing is the number one cause of data breaches.

Your organization could expose confidential information such as personally identifiable information, intellectual property, trade secrets, and other classified information in one of the many emails that your employees send every day.

Your employees only have a short amount of time to check each and every one of their messages before sending, meaning they could accidentally add the wrong recipient or attach the wrong file, or include any confidential data in the email body that they are not supposed to add.

Detect and Prevent Email Data Breach with SendGuard for Outlook

Businesses trust their employees to handle sensitive information with utmost caution. However, your employees are humans, and they can make mistakes. Organizations need to develop better threat visibility and the ability to respond more effectively to human errors on email caused by employees.

The business, financial and legal impacts of such data breaches are too serious to be ignored by IT leaders.

All it takes is for one misaddressed email or an incorrectly attached file containing sensitive information to cause a serious data breach. This can result in financial penalties from regulatory authorities or legal sanctions. 

SendGuard for Outlook scans your outgoing emails for personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), payment data, client intellectual property and any other confidential data which SendGuard can be configured to detect. SendGuard ensures that your business operates with the lowest possible risk of sending misdirected emails, incorrectly attached files or confidential data in the email body.

SendGuard can help strengthen your email security by:

  • Prompting users to confirm recipients and attachments before emails are sent out
  • Reducing the use of Reply-All
  • Blocking emails or attachments with certain words (e.g. profanities)
  • Warning users if the email contains potentially sensitive or confidential information.
  • Delaying (External) Emails to allow Unsend
  • Preventing emails from being sent to conflicting recipients
  • Including Attachments with Replies
  • Encrypting Outgoing emails using Existing Server Software
  • Building Chinese Walls – Prevent groups of users from emailing each other
  • Using the correct Outlook (sender) account to send emails

With SendGuard you can meet regulatory data protection requirements that require your organization to prevent any leak of sensitive and proprietary data.

Clients in the financial, legal, medical and professional services sector use SendGuard to meet compliance standards like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, POPIA and GLBA.

What are the benefits of staying compliant?

Avoid significant fines

Staying compliant with data privacy laws helps your organization to avoid hefty fines that come with being non-compliant. One of the strictest privacy regulations is the EU’s GDPR law. Under the GDPR law if your business as the data controller fails to handle personal data properly you could be fined up to €10 million (less severe infringements) or €20 million (severe infringements).

Meet Customer Privacy Requirements

Being compliant can help your business build more trusting relationships with your customers and clients. Customers are becoming more concerned about how their data is handled and by demonstrating that you have the right security measures to protect their data you will encourage trust in your brand.

Competitive Advantage

Privacy is an important aspect of your organizational success. Protecting your customer data and having a strong privacy framework in place will help you to retain your existing customers and attract new ones.

Buy SendGuard for Outlook

Now’s the right time. Simplify and upscale your Email Security.

With your unused budget, you can purchase SendGuard and stop misdirected emails- one of the major causes of data breaches.

Contact our sales team at sales@standss.com to book a demo.

SendGuard for Outlook

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