Essential Elements to Include in your Email Signature

By: standss , May 10th, 2012

What are the essential elements of information that you should include in your signature…

It’s a matter of personal choice what you wish to add in your email signatures but it is best to keep signatures as small as possible but still convey enough information to help the reader and represent you.

Here are some things you might want to include in your signature:


  • Your Name (obviously)
  • Your Phone Number (don’t lose out on a sale just because you’ve made it hard for someone to call you for more information)
  • Your website URL (makes it easy for them to find out more about your company by clicking on a link)


  • SMALL corporate logo and slogan (for branding purposes)
  • SMALL Picture of yourself usually instead of the corporate logo (depends on the nature of your business… better suited to people in sales… or where you are the brand you are promoting)
  • Links to follow you on Twitter, Facebook etc (can be useful for social media marketing)


Email Address (they can just click reply… don’t waste space at the bottom of your email)

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One Reply to “Essential Elements to Include in your Email Signature”

  1. It’s always worth including your email address in your signature block if you have sent the email from an alternative email address or to allow the recipient easily to copy it into their address book.

    Why not also include:

    Your street address – unless you have something to hide.

    A byline – describing your business.

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