Is your Facebook making you look unprofessional to Outlook users?

By: standss , Aug 16th, 2010

Microsoft Outlook recently released a new (free) connector to users that lets other people see your Facebook profile picture (and status information) right inside Outlook. Question is… are you happy with the picture they are seeing?

Your picture will show up anytime an Outlook user writes to you… or reads an email from you inside Outlook… even if they are not your Facebook friend.

Is your Facebook picture appropriate for your business contacts?

Remember… they don’t have to be your Facebook friend to see your picture inside Outlook! All they need to be doing is using Outlook… with the new Facebook social connecter installed!

You can try out the Outlook Facebook connector for yourself from this link. It works in Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

Remember to let your colleagues know if their pictures are unflattering.

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