The BEST way to file your work e-mails

By: standss , Apr 19th, 2011

Do you know that there is a simple e-mail filing technique (that you have probably been using for years) that will virtually guarantee that all your work e-mails are super easy to find and archive in the future?

With almost 80% of business correspondence now taking place by e-mail, you NEED a good system for filing your e-mails.

Do you, like many other Outlook users, print and file paper copies of important e-mails because you don’t trust your electronic filing system?

There lies the secret to your e-mail filing system. You already TRUST your physical paper filing system so …

Duplicate your Paper Filing System INSIDE Outlook

That’s it, that’s the big secret… create folders inside Microsoft Outlook following the same folder structure that you have for your paper folders (most probably by client or project).

Once you have your Outlook folders setup, file all e-mails (incoming and outgoing) that you need to keep for future reference into the correct Outlook folders.

Filing your e-mails like this has a lot of benefits… even if you print out copies of critical e-mails for future reference.

  • BENEFIT 1: You don’t have to learn anything new to use this filing system (chances are your office has been filing your paper files using this system for years)
  • BENEFIT 2: You can quickly see all e-mails for a client or project in ONE PLACE. You can use Outlook’s built in sorting to see the time-line of e-mails etc.
  • BENEFIT 3: It is super-easy to export or archive projects. By filing in this way, you can use Outlook’s built-in tools to easily export e-mails out into a separate file if you need to. You can now file an electronic copy of all e-mails with your Word and Excel documents once a project is completed.

You can find detailed step-by-step instructions for creating your
Outlook folders in Tip 4 of our free report. Tip 10 has instructions to export and archive project.
Click Here to download your own copy of the special report.

WARNING! Your e-mail filing system may FAIL … and a solution

This e-mail filing system clearly works. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t be filing your paper files this way.

Yet most users are not able to continue filing their e-mails this way for very long. Why?

The reason is simple.

  • It takes too much effort to drag each and every e-mail out of the Inbox and into the correct folder.
  • It’s too easy to forget to go to the Sent Items folder to move e-mails out of there into the correct folders.
  • It’s not as easy to delegate e-mail filing as it is to delegate paper filing.

We created QuickFile to solve the above problems.

QuickFile 4Outlook is an inexpensive Outlook add-on that works inside Outlook by adding two buttons called QuickFile and Send&File to your Outlook. It doesn’t change Outlook in any other way and it won’t change the way you have always used Outlook.

QuickFile is a fantastic time-saver for anyone who wants to use a client or project based filing system in Outlook.

Please give QuickFile a try. This is the only add-on we know that can guarantee that your e-mails get filed properly.

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