Filing Emails to Multiple Folders in Outlook

By: standss , Jul 13th, 2011

Do you need to file an email in more than one folder in Outlook? Here’s how to do it using drag and drop… and an easier way if you’re using QuickFile for Outlook.

Normally we have a dedicated folder for each project/case/person in Outlook to which we file all related emails but there are times when the same email may need to be filed in two folders.

Filing to multiple folders using Outlook (drag and drop)

  • Right-Click on the email, drag it to the required folder, release it and select the Copy option.

This works but:

  1. It can be time-consuming to find the right folder if you have a lot of folders
  2. It is easy to accidentally drop the email into the wrong folder

Using QuickFile to file the same email in multiple folders

The latest version of our Outlook addin QuickFile has a new feature we call “Mutli-Select mode” which allows you to select mutliple folders and  file a copy of the email to the selected folders at the click of a button.

We only recommend that you use the Multi-Select mode if the majority of your emails need to be filed to multiple folders.

To turn on the Mutli-Select mode:

* Open Outlook
* On the QuickFile toolbar/Ribbon, click More > Settings…
* Click the View tab, under Display Options, you will find “Multi-Select mode in QuickFile
* From the Drop-down menu, select “Show link to Multiple-Select (with Multiple-Select on)
* Click OK

* Now select a email that you wish to file to multiple folders and click the QuickFile button. QuickFile will display a  screen as shown below with checkboxes beside each folder.

QuickFile Multi-select mode

* Place a tick beside each folder you wish to file the email to
* Click Move

A copy of the email will now be moved to all the folders you selected.

If you’re not a user of QuickFile yet, Click Here to download a Fully Functional 30 day trial version of QuickFile for  Outlook.

QuickFile is the Fastest, Easiest and Error-Free way to file emails in Outlook. Users tell us that they can file as much as 90% of their incoming emails at the click of one button.

Click here to learn more about QuickFile for Outlook

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