Finding recently filed emails using Filing History

By: Standss Contributor , Jul 1st, 2020

Do you need to quickly find and refer to a recently sent or received email? I recently “discovered” the quickest way to retrieve a recent email that has been filed with QuickFile (thanks to the History screen).

QuickFile for Outlook installs inside Outlook and lets you file up to 90 % of sent and received emails at the click of a button. It also maintains a history of recently filed emails.

You can use this history screen to quickly display a recently filed email.


Click the History button on the QuickFile section of the Ribbon (it is on the Home tab). The Filing History screen will be displayed.

Locate and select the email  you are interested.

Right click on the email. There are three options you can select from (as shown in the image above)

  1. Open Item: Will open the actual email in a new window:
  2. Goto Folder: Will move Outlook to the folder the email is currently in.
  3. Show Details: Shows details of the move that was performed (without opening the email)

I normally choose Open Item to go to the email. Goto Folder is also useful if you need to see the email and other emails related to it.

I hope you find this tip useful for doing things even faster in Outlook.

Note the feature is available only for QuickFile version 6 and above.

If you haven’t tried QuickFile, download a fully functional trial using the link below and find out why it is the Number 1 email management tool for professionals (lawyers, engineers, architects, software developers etc).

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