Fixing Search problems in Microsoft Outlook 2013 (2010/2007)

By: standss , Mar 22nd, 2013

Search in Outlook is great but only if it is working properly and returning results.

A lot of people posted online on various forums that their search was not working or returning no results. A message
appears in Outlook stating “We coudnt find what you’re looking for” for every search query.

If your outlook search is not working, try to rebuild your search index following the steps below:

Note: This process takes a long time. I suggest you run it just before you leave the office for the day (or just before
you go to sleep at night):

Bring up the Indexing Options screen. (Instructions below depending on your version of Windows)

Windows 7/Vista:

  • Click the Windows Start button and type “index” in the Search box. Indexing Options should appear under programs.
  • Click Indexing Options to bring up the Indexing Options screen.

Windows 8:

  • Open My Computer
  • Click the computer tab on the menu bar > click Control Panel
  • In the search box on the top-right-hand corner, type “Index
  • Click Indexing Options

rebuild search index

  • Click the Advanced button on the Indexing Option screen.
  • Click the Rebuild button.

Your current Search Indexes will be deleted and rebuilt.

Once the rebuilding process is complete (I told you that this will take some time so hopefully you’re doing this just before you leave the office or go to bed) you should find Search working perfectly again.

I hope this tip helps to fix your Outlook search problem.

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4 Replies to “Fixing Search problems in Microsoft Outlook 2013 (2010/2007)”

  1. This would be great if after typing “index” in the search something had happened. Outlook 2013 is a bug-riddled POS. I’m getting my money back and re-installing Outlook 2007.

  2. I had the same problem and this didn’t work for me. What did work was changing my current view from “Hide Messages marked for deletion” to “IMAP Messages” and the problem went away. (View: Change View) I had never changed the View settings before, so maybe that’s some sort of default.

  3. My problem with Outlook 2013 search isn’t the “results not found” thing – I was able to fix that.

    Mine is the fact that when I want to type in the “from” search box, for example, the damn search starts as a I type. Which wouldn’t be bad except that Outlook takes focus away from the search box and puts it up in the main box!!!!!!!! This results in a botch search, every darn time!

    Holy crikeys, I’ve almost taken a sledgehammer to my PC over this stupid thing. Can anyone help? 2010 didn’t do this and I’m very set in my ways at this point — I don’t want to type the “from:” in the main box!

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