Free E-book Ready for Download: 8 Simple Tips for Email Management in Outlook

By: standss , Aug 5th, 2014

As promised… I have compiled all the 8 tips we have discussed over the past several weeks into a simple downloadable and printable PDF copy.

Use these simple tips to:

  1. Ensure that your Outlook data file does not get bloated, slow-down and eventually corrupt itself and die (causing possible loss of some if not all your e-mails)
  2. Backup the correct Outlook data files in case of hardware failure
  3. Organize your emails so that your E-mail Folders matches your paper filing structure
  4. File your e-mails in a way that lets you quickly see all correspondence (incoming, out-going, to and from anyone) for a project quickly and easily in one place
  5. Get some control over your e-mails and use your Inbox like a proper In-tray holding only the items that need your attention.
  6. Easily archive e-mails for completed projects with other electronic documents (Word files, Excel files etc) for the same project.
  7. Quickly find specific e-mails for a project.

Get your own copy of this FREE e-book now!!!

Next week I will be sharing some additional bonus tips which I feel will help you manage your emails even better… so do check in again.

Till next time… have a safe and better Outlook.

2 Replies to “Free E-book Ready for Download: 8 Simple Tips for Email Management in Outlook”

  1. When I clicked the link to download a free e-book, all I got was confirmation that I’d signed up to an email newsletter- not what I was hoping for.

  2. We try to get your email to provide you with information about Outlook Addins that will increase your productivity when using Outlook.

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