Helping Children with Special Needs

By: standss , Jul 10th, 2014


I am writing today to share how you have been able to help us create a Physiotherapy unit for children with special needs here in Fiji.

Earlier this year we launched a major upgrade to Quick File for Outlook. We promised our readers and customers that we would set aside a percentage of sales to assist child-related charities here in Fiji.

Thanks to your support we handed over a cheque of $10,000 to the Hilton Special School.

The Hilton Special School is the main organization in Fiji dedicated to working with disabled children with special needs. This organization serves a very important and often neglected group of children in our community… and they have been doing it very well for many years.

In a recent meeting with them, we found out that they are trying to setup a physiotherapy unit to help children who are disabled from a young age.

Early intervention and the right therapy can enable these children to experience a much better quality of life later on.

While this may be common practise in more developed countries, a lack of resources had previously made this difficult in Fiji. The team at the Hilton Special School have a vision to change this… and we want to support them.

The money we have been able to donate will be used towards the purchase of equipment and to contribute to the salary of a trained physiotherapist who will work with the children.


The whole Standss team visited Hilton Special School to witness the life-changing work that they are doing.

It was a reminder to us to be grateful for everything we have (but so often take for granted). It was also a reminder that we must use our own success to make a difference in the lives of others.

We feel very privileged to be allowed to contribute to this project which will change so many lives.

I would like to personally acknowledge and thank all of you. This has only been possible thanks to your continued support of our products and our company.

With Thanks
Sanjay Singh and the team at Standss

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