Hide or Show the Ribbon in Outlook 2007 and 2010

By: standss , Mar 31st, 2011

The Ribbon was a great addition to Outlook 2007 and carried forward to 2010 however it does take up alot of screen space. With a simple Keyboard shortcut, you can make the Ribbon disappear and appear again.

* To hide the Ribbon, simply press CTRL+F1
* To show the Ribbon, press CTRL+F1 again

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11 Replies to “Hide or Show the Ribbon in Outlook 2007 and 2010”

  1. Hello Jason, This tip is more for Outlook 2010 however Outlook 2007 also has the ribbon when you open the Compose email screen. You can use CTRL+F1 to show or hide this ribbon

  2. Oh wow. Another website said I had to make registry entries and god-knows-what to get the ribbon back (which I couldn’t do anyway – work’s computer, no admin rights), when all I really needed to do was to press CTRL+F1!

    Easy when you know how 🙂

    Thanks a million!

  3. Its fine that I can toggle the ribbon state in One Note 2010 on maximize and minimize by Ctrl + F1.

    My question is.. what shall I do, if I want One Note to always maximize the ribbon whenever I open it?

  4. @Suresh, to always maximize the ribbon, just double click on any of the tabs for example Insert. Once you double click on the tab, it will expand the ribbon and it will remain in this state even if you restart OneNote. Hope this helps.

  5. The ribbon appears correctly on the Mail tab and the Ctrl+F1 works to hide/maximize, however on the Calendar tab, the ribbon has completely disappeared and I can not get it back. When I choose to move the Access Toolbar above or below the ribbon, it moves it over this blank space as if it thinks the ribbon is there. Any suggestions?

  6. this is a ‘nice’ solution. But I should have been able to find a menu selection that would reverse the change I made to email ACCIDENTALLY. If I had not done a google search, I’d still be struggling with finding an answer in the menus. If I closed the ribbon with a menu selection in OUTLOOK, OUTLOOK should also have a menu item that re-opens it.

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