How to add an Unsubscribe Link in Your Emails (CAN-SPAM Act & GDPR compliance)

By: Standss Contributor , Aug 10th, 2022

If you are sending out marketing emails, newsletters or any other mass emails, it is a mandatory requirement to add an unsubscribe link in your emails.

Adding an unsubscribe link in your marketing emails allows your recipients to opt-out from receiving emails from you.

It is a legal requirement under the CAN-SPAM Act, GPDR and other anti-spam legislation.  

By giving the freedom to your subscribers to unsubscribe from your mailing list you have a clean mailing list consisting of people who are interested in what you send.

In this short blogpost, you will be shown how you can add an unsubscribe link to your emails by using EmailMerge for Outlook.

Download EmailMerge for Outlook and contact a large number of people with a customized personal message in a breeze.

This is how you set-up an Un-subscription link in EmailMerge

If you haven’t watched the getting-started video for EmailMerge, then watch the video tutorial here.

Here’s a short video explaining how you can add an unsubscribe link in your emails by using EmailMerge. Written instructions are below for your convenience.

Once you have made it through EmailMerge to the step where you are composing your newsletter, you can insert the unsubscribe link in your emails easily.

There will be a link in each email that you sent out, when the link is clicked a new email will be created with prefilled content and the subscriber can then send back to you.

Click >Insert m-Field > Insert Unsubscribe Link.

The following window will open.

  1. In the Link Text enter “Unsubscribe”
  2. Send Email To: enter the return email address (could be yours etc)
  3. Email Body: Enter/Edit the message you wish to appear

Click on Insert. This will insert the Unsubscribe link at the current cursor location (Unsubscribe Links are normally added at the bottom of your emails). Your newsletter subscribers can request to opt-out by simply clicking on the link and sending the notification email to you.

How to Manage unsubscribe using Email Merge

You will now be required to use the Do Not Send To list feature to manage your unsubscribe requests.

To Open the Do not Send List:

In Outlook go to your Inbox, click on the little arrow beside(below) the EmailMerge button on the Toolbar/Ribbon.

Click Do not Send List. The application will open the following screen:

  1. Add an email-address to Do not Send List:

Click Add, the application will display the following screen:

Select which option works best for you.

Now click Next and Email Merge will automatically add all email address with the keyword Unsubscribe in the subject to the Do Not Send To list.

That’s it.

It is easy and simple to add an unsubscribe link to your marketing emails using EmailMerge.

EmailMerge for Outlook

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