How to edit received emails in Outlook

By: standss , Feb 28th, 2013

Do you wish you could add information to emails you’ve received in Outlook. It’s easy if you know how. But first…

Why would you want to edit a received email?
The two reasons I can think of are:

  1. You may want to add some extra information or notes to the email
  2. You may want to add a Project Number, Code or Name so that the email is easy to find later using Search tools.

How To Edit Received Emails in Outlook

  • Open Outlook
  • Double-click the email to open in a new window.
  • In Outlook 2013/2010, Select Actions > Edit Message from the Move section on the ribbon.
    In Outlook 2007, Select Other Actions > Edit Message from the toolbar.
    In Outlook 2003 and earlier, Select Edit > Edit Message from the menu.
  • Make the changes to the Body and Subject of the email
  • Press CTRL+S on the keyboard to save the changes to the email.

Why you may not want to edit received emails?
While editing emails is easy, it may be best to leave emails as you received them for the following reasons:

  1. You may need the email in its original form for legal reasons. Editing emails is destructive in that the original email is not recoverable without manual editing.
  2. You may accidentally forward or reply to an email and send your own confidential notes to someone else.

As an alternative, if you need to keep notes with your emails, you may want to look at Email Notes for Outlook. Email Notes lets you add notes to the emails without destroying the original email plus your notes stay confidential but you can still share them with other people when you CHOOSE to.

4 Replies to “How to edit received emails in Outlook”

  1. The other reason to do this is to allow you to edit an attachment and save it back to the original message (since 2007, attachments open read only).

  2. I notice the edits stay on the local computer and don’t transfer to the server when I sync mail. When I open the edited email on another computer the edits aren’t there.

  3. Hi
    Is there a shortcut to “edit a message”?
    Instead of opening the message / Selecting Actions & Edit Message …

  4. Earlier version of outlook, i could open any attachment add my comments save it in desk top and reattach it in the same received mail (Using edit message option).
    Now with 16.13.1 Outlook I’m not able to do this. Is there any other-way to reattach an edited attachment to the same received mail?
    Need help.

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