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By: standss , Nov 26th, 2019

Do you need to send out copies of the same email to many people? Here is what you can do to send each recipient their own personalised copy of your emails instead of stuffing the To or CC or BCC fields.

The emails will be from your Outlook and won’t look like they’ve come from some online bulk mailing program.

This also means that it is more likely to end up in recipients Inboxes (and not stuck in their Junk or Clutter folders).

Here’s what you need to do.

Install EmailMerge for Outlook

If you haven’t done so already, download and install Email Merge for Outlook.

Restart Outlook after installing the software. You should see the EmailMerge button on the Outlook ribbon.

EmailMerge Ribbon

Click on the EmailMerge button inside Outlook(shown above) to open the EmailMerge menu

EmailMerge Menu

Click on “Create a new merge”

You can start your email merge process with a Blank email or using an Email template (pre-set email) from the list. Make a selection and click Next.

EmailMerge Templates

Where are your Contacts?

You can use EmailMerge to send emails to recipients saved in many sources including from inside Outlook, Salesforce and Excel. Select the source that you want to use and click Next.

(If needed) the next screen will show you additional information to select the source of your contacts. Make your selection and then click Next.

Who do you want to send this e-mail to?

Use this screen to choose the actual recipients of this mail merge.

Contact Selection

Select (by ticking) the recipients to whom you want to send this email and click “Next”

Confirm Your Recipients

You now get the opportunity to recheck that you have selected the correct recipients for your email.

Confirmed Contacts

If you need to make any changes, click on the “Back” button. Otherwise click “Next” to continue with the remaining steps of the Wizard to

  • Preview how each customized email will look on both computers and mobile devices
  • Send the email immediately or scheduled at a later time or date
  • Track opens and clicks on your emails
  • Choose the account to send the email out from… and much more

Follow the remaining steps of the Wizard until you come to the final step.

Click “Finish” to send out your emails.

EmailMerge will create a separate email for each person you have selected and send it out (or save it to the Drafts folder, depending on your selection).

EmailMerge for Outlook is the fastest, easiest and safest way to send out personalized emails. You can try it free for 30 days by clicking on the image below.

SendGuard for Outlook

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