How to get your email recipients to click responses instead of replying?

By: Standss Contributor , Jun 23rd, 2021

Tired of not getting replies and responses from your email recipients? Don’t know if your emails have even been opened and read? These are just some of the questions we have trouble finding answers to and in today’s fast paced world, clients and customers have little to no time at all in responding back to emails, and for those that do have time, chances are they dislike typing out responses to emails. One good and easy way to get them to respond back to your emails would be giving them the option to click a particular response.

This blog will show you how you can have click responses for your emails to increase your response rate and track every time they open and click on a response.

What is Click Response?

Click responses allow you to send out emails to lists and allow recipients to respond with a click instead of having them to type it out. You won’t have to waste valuable time processing replies one by one. Best of all, you can do follow-up emails based on how recipients respond (e.g. send a follow up email to everyone who clicked Yes to an event invitation email)

How to track Click Responses?

You can use a simple email tool called EmailCaddie to track all your click responses and email open rates.

EmailCaddie works best with EmailMerge Pro add-in for Outlook. If you don’t have this add-in installed yet then download and install EmailMerge Pro before getting EmailCaddie.

Contact Us for an EmailCaddie Account and then install the EmailCaddie add-in.

Once you’ve successfully installed EmailCaddie, follow the steps below:

1. Start your email merge using EmailMerge Pro for Outlook.

2. Create your email content with the responses according to your question. For example, you may want the users to answer by clicking either I will attend, or I will not attend.

3. Now create the hyperlinks as explained below.

· Select the words to hyperlink.

· Right Click and click hyperlink.

· Type “ec:” and then the value that you want EmailCaddie to report when the user clicks on the link e.g. when the user clicks “I will attend”, you may want to record the value Yes. (See the image below):

4. Continue with the Wizard and send out your Merge.

5. Once the merge has completed, you can go to and see the respective merge details page to get detailed info about your click responses.

If you are new to EmailMerge and EmailCaddie, you can download a fully function trial version by using the link

You can also contact our technical team at for an online demo or help with configuring EmailMerge for your organization.

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