How to make Outlook support YOUR business goals

By: standss , Jun 18th, 2012

You may have noticed that we use Outlook a lot.. just look at the tips we send via emails and our blog!

After 12 long months of research and development we’re about to release something that will make Outlook a much better tool to achieve your business goals and objectives.

We know from the thousands of customers we have spoken to that many of you have found clever ways to use Outlook as:

  • CRM Systems (to achieve sales targets)
  • Project Management Systems (to ensure project objectives are met)
  • Case Management Software (to manage legal clients)
  • Customer Support Systems (to provide customer support)
  • … an much more

BUT… our own experience (and your emails) show us again and again that… Outlook is not perfect. It is too easy to end up taking actions TOO LATE or with INCOMPLETE information… and end up with unhappy customers and missed opportunities.

There is ONE PROBLEM with Outlook irrespective of what business objective you are trying to achieve.

The information in Outlook is TOO INCOMPLETE and/or TOO DISJOINTED.  Information is spread out all over the place… inside Outlook and outside Outlook… over different emails, in notebooks, on pieces of paper where we have recorded  phone conversations etc.

It’s difficult to find all the right information… in time… to make the correct decision and take the correct actions.

We’ve been working on this problem for almost 12 months now and we’re almost ready to release a REAL SOLUTION… a solution that will work inside Outlook and that you can learn within 30 seconds of installation.

But before we do that we want to make sure that we have solved this problem to YOUR SATISFACTION!

Could you take two minutes of your valuable time and please answer the following questions for me…

  1. What non-email related information (phone calls, next actions, history etc) do you need to record manually at the moment?
  2. How do you record and retrieve all relevant emails and non-email related information when you need to respond, take action etc?

Please send your answers to

With more than 30,000 readers, I can’t guarantee a personal response… but I can guarantee that I will personally read your email.

That’s all for now… Wishing you a better Outlook.

Sanjay Singh

PS: Go ahead and send me your answers at We really want to make Outlook the perfect tool to support your business and its objectives.

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