How to mark your Outlook emails as unread

By: standss , Aug 15th, 2013

One of the ideas discussed in our special report for Using your Outlook Inbox as a To Do list is keeping emails as unread until you have taken the necessary action. Unread emails in your Inbox stand out from the rest as they are displayed in bold.

Several users have asked for information on how to do this if Outlook has already unbolded the email. Here’s how…

Assuming Outlook is already open and you are in the Inbox (or any other folder):

  • Right-click on the email you want to make unread
  • Click Mark as Unread

mark email as unread

This is make the email bold and stand out in the crowd of emails in your inbox.

You may also be interested in the following related article if you find that you often accidentally unbold an email by clicking on it. The article shows you how you can make Outlook only unbold (mark as read) an email if you actually spend some time on it (I have set mine to 5 seconds)

Don’t accidentally make emails Unread

One Reply to “How to mark your Outlook emails as unread”

  1. I would like to be able to mark an entire folder as unread just like i cam mark all as read.
    same is if i filter emails related to a specific subject, there should be an option of marking all these emails in the filter result as read or unread or to move to a different folder ETC.

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