How to NEVER send a sensitive Outlook email to the wrong person

By: standss , Aug 11th, 2011

Our last post discussed the risks of accidentally sending a sensitive email to the wrong person because of Outlook’s AutoComplete feature. Here’s how you can still use Outlook’s AutoFill and still protect yourself from this kind of mistake.

This technique works particularly well if there are certain people from whom you need “better protection” e.g. if you’re a lawyer, you need to be extra careful that you don’t send sensitive information to opposing counsel… or you send information to a report in the media

Our Outlook Addin Send Guard for Outlook has a feature called Send Confirm. If you enable this feature, Outlook will prompt you before it sends out any email.

Send Confirm Prompt

You probably don’t want a prompt for every email you send out but…

You can configure Send Guard so that Outlook will prompt you only when you send out emails to particular people (e.g. your boss, opposing counsel, reports from the media etc.)

Here’s how to configure Send Guard to do this (please note that if you are not already a user of SendGuard, you will need to download and install the Outlook addon before you can do this)

  • Open Outlook
  • For Outlook 2003/2007, on the main menu, click Tools > Standss > SendGuard > Settings
    For Outlook 2010, go to the Addins tab > Standss > SendGuard > Settings
  • Click the Send Confirm tab
  • Select the third option “Display message only for these email addresses:
  • Click Add, type in the email address and click OK. You can repeat this step to add other email addresses.
  • Click OK

Now anytime you click Send to send an email to anyone on the list, Outlook will ask for confirmation before the email is sent out.

If you’re a SendGuard user, I hope that this tip helps you get even more out of your software.

If you’re not a SendGuard for Outlook user yet, you can learn more about this addin and download a fully functional 30-trial from our website.

SendGuard has a number of other protection features built in including:

  • Reply-to-All Filtering to prevent disclosing sensitive information by accidentally clicking Repy-to-All
  • Reply Prompts to ensure that you reply to everyone who needs to be kept informed.
  • Missing Attachment warning to ensure that you send all information
  • …plus much more.

4 Replies to “How to NEVER send a sensitive Outlook email to the wrong person”

  1. Hi

    Does this plugin work on non outlook client e.g. the webmail access interface.

    Please confirm.


  2. @Tony, currently SendGuard only works with Microsoft Outlook. It does not support non-Outlook email clients

  3. Are you able to enter a list of email addresses it WON’T alert on sending, instead of putting in a list that will?

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