How to NOT miss important emails while working from home

By: standss , May 15th, 2020

Things are much more different if you are working from home. You might tell yourself that you will reply to an email later but then you get too busy with other work or personal stuff. Forgetting to reply emails may cause you to miss your deadlines, frustrate your workmates or even lose your clients.

However, remembering to respond to emails does not have to be so complicated. Eeminders for Outlook can help you with this, by bringing the emails you want to work on to the top of your Inbox.

How does eeminders for Outlook work?

Eeminders for Outlook “snoozes” emails by removing them from your Inbox and then bringing them back at the day or time you choose to work on them. This way you do not get overwhelmed seeing too many emails in your Inbox.

Best of all the emails will come back to the TOP of your Inbox, where you are most likely to look for emails you want to work on. Eeminders can even give you an extra notification to make sure you don’t miss the email.

Getting Started…

Eeminders is available as a separate Outlook addon or as part of QuickFile for Outlook. If you’re already a QuickFile Pro or Ultimate user, you may already have eeminders installed.

Download eeminders for Outlook Installer if you haven’t done so already.

Ensure Microsoft Outlook is closed.

Run the downloaded file (eeminders.exe).

Start Microsoft Outlook.

Simply, select email you want to snooze out of Inbox and click eemind me button on the Ribbon.

Select date and time you want the email to return to your inbox with optional follow-up notes.

Tick Also Display Outlook Reminder if you want to get Outlook notification when your email returns to your Inbox.

Click OK button.

And that’s it… the email will be moved out of your Inbox and automatically returned at your chosen time.

Users are finding QuickFile with eeminders very useful.

You can use Eeminders on its own or with QuickFile. Eeminders is integrated with QuickFile for Outlook (and included with the Pro and Ultimate versions) to give even more functionality when the two work together.

Response from users has been very positive before the COVID-19 crisis. We believe that it is an even more important feature, now that so many people are working from home. We hope that you find it useful too.

If you haven’t tried QuickFile, download a fully functional trial (comes with eeminders) using the link below and find out why it is the Number 1 email management tool for professionals (lawyers, engineers, architects, software developers etc).


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