How to protect your Outlook Data from data loss

By: standss , Apr 21st, 2011

Do you know that by default Outlook is configured to eventually corrupt itself and lose some and maybe even all your e-mails?

In this post, I will go through simple tips that will greatly improve your use of Outlook.

Here are a few essential tips that will help you to ensure that your Outlook data is safe and protected from software corruption or data failure.

1. Find out where you Outlook E-mails are saved and backup

Unlike other Office programs, Outlook does not ask you where you want to save your e-mails. Instead it creates a data file of its own.

Unfortunately, unless you have a good understanding of the inner workings of Windows, the file is saved in a location you probably will never remember to backup.

Tip 1 in our free e-book shows you how you can easily find out where your Outlook data file is.

You can Click Here to download your own copy of the e-book.

Once you know where your Outlook Data file is, make sure that you back it up regularly.

Have more than one backup set. (I tried to restore from a backup CD a few years ago to find that the backup was corrupt too. I lost more than 12 months of e-mails)

2. Outlook may corrupt itself unless you split your data into at least two files.

By default, Outlook saves all your e-mails in one file. There are a number of problems with this:

  • As the Outlook data file gets filled up, Outlook will get slower
  • There is a physical limit to the size of your Outlook data file.
  • If you reach this limit, Outlook will suddenly stop working and
    there is a great risk that you could lose some if not all of your

The solution is to split your data into more than one data file.

Tips 3 and 4 of our free e-book have step-by-step instructions on how you should split your data file.

You can Click Here to download your own copy of the e-book.

3. Use QuickFile to simplify shifting e-mails out of your Inbox and Sent Items folders

QuickFile is an inexpensive, easy-to-use Outlook add-on that greatly simplifies the filing of e-mails.

  • It works inside Outlook by adding two buttons to your toolbar
  • It does not require you to change the way you use Outlook
  • It will dramatically reduce the time and effort required to file
    your e-mails.

Click Here to learn more about QuickFile and download a fully functional trail version.

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  1. sorry but can’t install Quicfile on my machine (not administrator)
    do you have another program easier to install ?

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