How to Secure SendGuard’s Settings in Outlook

By: Standss Contributor , Nov 15th, 2021

Covid 19 has brought about many disruptions in the normal work environment. The pandemic has forced many companies to foray into remote working to thrive during the lockdown.

The need to work from home has also brought about the risks of employees sending out sensitive and confidential information to unintended recipients.

Many organizations use SendGuard for Outlook as a Risk and Compliance tool to protect their users from this problem. The SendGuard add-in can be configured to prompt users to confirm attachments and recipients before emails are sent out. It can also detect and warn users of potentially sensitive or inappropriate information contained in emails.

In addition, administrators need not be concerned of the user’s ability to change or disable the SendGuard add-in on Microsoft Outlook.

SendGuard allows IT personnel and companies the option to lock SendGuard where users cannot make changes or disable the add-in.

To prevent your users from making changes or disabling any of SendGuard’s features, follow the steps below:

How to Setup SendGuard

To download SendGuard for Outlook please click here.

After you’ve downloaded and installed SendGuard, you’ll need to navigate to the Settings page.

Open Outlook.

Click on the Standss Outlook Addins tab on the ribbon.

Click on SendGuard and then click Settings to display the Settings screen.

Configure SendGuard to your organization requirements.

How to Lock the setting screen for SendGuard

Stay on the setting screen and go to the Advance tab, Click on Administrator Settings or press Alt-L on the keyboard to bring up the Lock SendGuard settings screen

SendGuard Admin Settings

In the SendGuard Admin Settings screen you will see the following options below:

  • Hide Ribbon on Standss Tab
  • Click on Hide ‘Turn off or ChangeSettings’ link on SendGuard Prompts
  • Hide ’Check for Updates’ option from the Ribbon or Toolbar
  • Disable Setting Screen
  • Disable ‘Activate/Deactivate’ button on About SendGuard screen and Ribbon

Tick the settings that you want. You will need to tick the Disable Setting Screen button if you do not want users to be able to change settings manually.

Enter a password in the password box (and again in the Verify Password box). Users will only be able to return to this screen to change these settings if they know the password.

Click OK to apply the new settings and return to the main Settings screen.

Click Apply (or OK).

The above steps will ensure that users do not make changes to the add-in and should also give the organization peace of mind knowing that users cannot make changes and thus keeping them more compliant.

SendGuard is used by organizations of all sizes from single users to 30,000 users in one organization. Our team can provide full support for enterprise deployment and centralized management.

Contact us to learn more about Send Guard for Outlook or click below to learn more about the full SendGuard for Outlook email DLP bundle.

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